1 Beautiful Opportunity for The Gospel:
If You Build It, They Will Come

Blake Purcell writes: Resulting from the Making Missions Great Again trip, the SRS board asked me to choose a ministry for us to focus on. I chose Romanovka because with the least amount of help, the most good can be done. It was my next to last stop on our 20,000 mile odyssey. It was an airforce base during the Soviet Union days. Pastor Ruslan and his wife Olga have ministered there for 8 years. Their passion is to reach the lost and bind up the wounded. In Romanovka, that’s about all there are!

As they have poured out their lives for people in this area of 20,000 folk, God has blessed.  When their church building is finished, it will be the only church building in their village of 2,000. The local folks have promised to begin attending when it is finished.

This faithful group of believers, in the Far East of Russia, has now worked over three years on building their church facility. They have over $30,000 tied up in it, but need  $30,000 more to complete it. What a blessing it would be for them to finish the building by Sept. 1, 2017! 

They need only $30,000 beginning from May-August, 2017, for that to happen!

If you would like to give to this need, please click here and choose Ruslan Moroz (Far East) from the drop-down menu.